Spring Time Showers : The 15 Min Fix

Spring time showers create blooming flowers during the month of April. You never know what this weather will do so you always have to be prepared for rain or shine. If you follow my steps you will be ready for what the day will bring. 

Everyone likes to look good even on those humid days where we cannot control the weather. Eliminate frizzy hair and wrinkled clothes by trying out my performance wear fabric in this quick 15 min fix tutorial to keep you fashionable, airy, and dry.

Prevent frustration on those humid rainy days and use my 7 steps that create the perfect look in 15 min or less!


Step 1: Begin with your Meredith Banzhoff Performance Travel Shirt Dress. Our performance wear fabric is the trifecta of fabrics: wrinkle free, moisture wicking and UV protectant.

Step 2: Toss your hair up to show off your beautiful smiling face! Follow This Tutorial for the perfect messy bun. click here 

 Step 3: Just add some wedges to stand tall and keep your head held high. I'm loving the comfort in Tom's cork bottom wedges.

 Step 4: Grab a pair of Ray-bans in case the sun pops out to play. Clubmaster Ray-bans are a trendy and fun way to protect your eyes and style your outfit.

Step 5: Toss your umbrella in your bag just in case it's a rainy day. The Lilly Pulitzer Travel Umbrella is a perfect compliment to my Jade colored Travel Shirt Dress.

Step 6: Pick out your favorite clutch to complete the look. I'm loving this Kate Spade classic Lily Avenue Kiki clutch to create my perfect outfit!

Step 7: Sometimes a little caffeine on a rainy day is a necessity to get your day off to a good start. For me my guilty pleasure is a Starbucks iced late, it tops off my morning fix so I'm ready for an amazing day!

Meredith Banzhoff
Meredith Banzhoff


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