Travel Packing Tips - How To Use A Duster to Maximize Space

Everyone woman has the issue of packing lightly even if it is just for one weekend. We always seem to over pack no matter how hard we try to minimize our options. Having those back up outfits always puts my mind at ease when packing. I have created a solution that will make all of your lives easier by using one simple item, here is my little travel secret...
A Duster is used to maximize space when packing. The best way to fit the most amount of clothes in your travel bag is to roll and pack your outfits into a duster. One for your bottoms, one for your tops, and one for your shoes. You'll be able to pack a large amount of clothes in a small space, and keep your bag organized as you travel so you can always find that black tank top that you swore you packed!
Start with a tailored shirt or shirt dress
Step 1: Place the shirt face down and fold in the sides of your shirt and sleeves, like a t-shirt
Step 2: Face down roll the shirt up from the bottom
Step 3: Stack up multiple rolled garments
Step 4: Slip pile into duster and pull drawstring closer

Meredith Banzhoff
Meredith Banzhoff


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