Repurpose your Button Up

Almost everyone owns a button up. They are simple classics that can go with anything. But are you tired of the same old same old? Why not repurpose that button up? Turn it into a whole other garment.

Here is a great outfit that turns the classic button up into a cover up for a swimming suit.

Step 1: Begin with a bright, fun swim suit. The triangle suit is super cute and definitely in style for the summer.

 Step 2: Take your button up and just throw it over your suit. I am loving this pineapple covered Tory Burch button up for the summer!

Step 3: Don’t forget to grab those sunglasses. The sun can be a killer by the water. That’s why I love these dark shades from Ray Ban.

 Step 4: You can always throw on some jean shorts if your button up is little short. These are from, but you can always repurpose some old jeans to get the look.

Step 5: Just add some comfy sandals. These sandals are adorable with the criss cross straps.

Step 6: Grab your beach bag and you are ready to hit the water. I like this billabong bag because it’s big enough to hold all my beach necessities!

Also check out one of my favorite bloggers, Man Repeller, in her repurposed button up!

Thank you to Man Repeller for her stylish repurposing idea!

If you try repurposing your button up, let me know. I would love to check it out so send me a picture!

Meredith Banzhoff
Meredith Banzhoff


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