The Perfect Clutch

Everyone always likes to be in style. These fun colored hand bags are great for on the go. You don't have to throw them over your shoulder. Just stick your phone,wallet, and keys in and your ready to go! 

I got a recent opportunity to sell on As some of you may know from our trunk shows, we always have hand bags as a fun little pick me up. We needed photos quick so we rush off to Brooklyn to shoot with our favorite photographer Michelle Russ. In the process we met a furry little friend. What a great day!

I love this collection of handbags that goes with any outfit. Local artisans helped make this into a one of a kind bag just for you. Since they are made from reclaimed leather you can have one of each color and print. When I am running out with my friends I can easily put everything I need and go. Trimmed with the finest solid cast metal helps the purse stay in great condition for a long time!  

Snap shot behind the scenes with Meredith.   

Taking our new friend on a walk. 


This clutch goes great with my leather printed shoes!


The perfect black clutch to go with the perfect little black dress. 


Go for the suede! It's fun and different! 


The brown clutch looks great with white jeans.

I love this red clutch, it adds a pop of color to any outfit.  

I use this one when I feel bold and want to have fun. 

This light blue clutch pairs perfectly with jeans and a white top.  



We made a new friend while shooting our collection. 

Running around the city. This clutch is perfect for holding everything I need.

All the designs you see can all be found on Bluefly.  Check-out the website and find the perfect clutch for you!


Meredith Banzhoff
Meredith Banzhoff


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