Strawberry Fiz Lemonade


On a hot summer day it is nice to have a cool refreshing drink to quench your thirst. And what could be more perfect than a glass of lemonade? This delicious recipe is lemonade with a twist!

No need to run by a lemonade stand when you have this refreshing lemonade recipe! 


1 bottle of Simply Lemonade (or any other brand you like)

3c 7-up

2c Seltzer Water

Unlimited amount of sliced strawberries (you can even add some raspberries if you’d like!)


Combine all the ingredients together in a nice size pitcher and mix well. The only thing left to do, just add ice!

If you’re feeling like spiking this lemonade you could try adding in 1 ½ c of vodka. I recommend either 3 Olives plain Vodka or their Strawberry Marilyn Monroe vodka. 


Meredith Banzhoff
Meredith Banzhoff


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