Dear Friends,

The joy and energy I receive from empowering and inspiring others is immeasurable. I design for the women around me to instill confidence and grace with a touch of humor. I design to make you look put together and radiate positivity to those around you.

It comes down to what you're passionate about—exploring a new country, taking a cooking class, centering yourself with yoga, laughing with your kids, hosting a party, the list goes on and on. There are days when my life is not all sparkles and daisies. I've put "10 lbs in a 5 lb bag", as my mother would say. But I gather up a grounded strength to sift and sort it out with a little sense of humor. 

It is important to me to dress as the woman I aspire to be, embody those women who do it all...work, have a family, travel, entertain, and carve out a little personal time for themselves. I take pride in being always prepared, having everything organized and packed. As a busy woman, I believe life is all about the little wins. Enjoy the moment, savor the feeling, and treat yourself. For me it's a glass of wine or a little retail therapy.

Meredith Banzhoff head shot - black tankMeredith Banzhoff head shot - black tank

My Values


I started this brand because I had to wear a suit every day. I worked in a corporate environment and I wanted to look like my male counterparts. I am well endowed with a small frame and I could not find a button up shirt that did not gape at the bust. I made it my mission to solve the problem and create a perfect fit shirt. I spent months researching in partnership with a company who gathered data through body scans. I'm a numbers girl, so I immersed myself into the data and came up with a matrix for women of all shapes and sizes to develop the perfect fit shirt. Through trial and error and a year of testing on women of all shapes and sizes, I developed what is now called our Bella Perfect Fit Shirt (most recently seen on Good Morning America).


For me it's all about the unexpected. The contrast gusset, the pull through tab button, fully finished seams on the inside, longer shirt tails in the back. It's about finding the unexpected. It's about the little extra things in life that make you smile and say "Oh, I didn't notice that before!"


Growing up around men's tailored clothing I've always had an appreciation for fine fabrics, soft hand feel and texture. I use my heritage as inspiration and a gauge for quality. I scour to find the best fabrics for an affordable price.


If you like the silhouette, it feels great, and the price it right, it comes down to craftsmanship. How is it made? I work very closely with local pattern makers and sample sewers to develop each style. Every new style goes through a rigorous screening process of testing fit, balance,

Life of a Garment:

sketch > 1st pattern > prototype > 1st fitting > fit corrections > 2nd fitting > fit corrections... (wholesale to buyers)... fabric testing > pre-production fittings > pattern adjustments > final production sew-by sample > production > quality control > delivery to you


My intention is to create shirting inspired pieces that tread the line of traditional and edgy. My goal is to push the envelope of what shirting means and give it a feminine twist while maintaining a clean timeless aura. The Meredith Banzhoff woman is confident with a touch of attitude. She loves to travel, is a foodie, balances work and kids, and loves to entertain. She is the woman who can command a room. She is the woman I aspire to be.

Who We Are

MEREDITH BANZHOFF is a shirting inspired contemporary women's collection to carry you from desk to dinner. Designed with confidence, our shirts, tunics, and dresses make you look put together in 15 min or less. We are your easy button for getting dressed in the morning.

Shirt Dress for Desk to Dinner

Meredith draws on her heritage and personal style to deliver timeless pieces that you can wear season after season. 

After a few years in the fashion industry, working for a contemporary women's clothing line, a bespoke tailor, and an upscale men's retailer, Meredith recognized a void in the market for sophisticated shirting options for women. So, she set out to create a collection made of luxurious materials that will carry the wearer comfortably and confidently throughout her day.

MEREDITH BANZHOFF launched in early 2013 with the Fall 2013 Collection.

Born and raised in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Meredith was greatly influenced by the equestrian lifestyle led by her parents and grandparents. Her grandfather was Master of the Hunt and Meredith took up riding at an early age. She began designing and creating her own clothing as a teenager. Meredith went on to study at Syracuse University where she earned a B.F.A. in Fashion Design and a B.S. in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises. Meredith presently resides in New York City with her husband Adam.

Meredith presently resides in NYC

Made in the USA

I believe in manufacturing locally. Life is all about relationships. It is important to me to know who I am working with and collaborate closely with local vendors and manufacturers to produce the best product possible. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am very detail oriented and take pride in the quality of my work. I manufacture locally so that I can keep a close eye on production and feel confident that the quality of our shirting is at the highest standards.

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How To Contact Us



Wholesale Inquiries - to set up an appointment please contact:
(by appointment only)
Meredith Banzhoff Showroom
209 W. 38th St, Suite 702
New York, NY 10018
Customer Service Inquiries - Please contact during normal business hours:
Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
212.390.1599 x 1
Note: Meredith likes to handle all customer
service inquiries herself. If she does not answer
the phone right away, please email her directly.